Sustainability is our commitment

Marietta is a privately owned manufacturer of branded hotel amenities 

who offers the Hospitality Industry’s largest selection of eco-friendly amenities available.

  • All soaps and liquids of our international brands are 100% biodegradable, and all bar soaps are 100% vegetable based

  • Most of our products are parabene-free, have no silicone oils and no formaldehyde and are cruelty-free – have never been tested on animals

  • We use recyclable, eco-friendly packaging: Utilization of PET, HPDE and other environmentally-friendly plastics and work with light weight packaging

  • Marietta goal is to have the lowest carbon foot print in the hotel amenity industry. 

  • With our team of experienced R&D professionals and chemists, Marietta has the ability to formulate any personal care or household product your company is looking to create, including high-performance green and sustainable formulations.

  • We have an increased use of local regional suppliers and investment in reduced energy consumption and support corporate sponsorship of many local and global organizations.

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